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O CAPTAIN! MY CAPTAIN • Sleep Well Soon • LP

O CAPTAIN! MY CAPTAIN • Sleep Well Soon • LP

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Fond Of Life Records

While almost every singer of a halfway known US punk rock band has documented his love for folk, country and Americana sound with acoustic guitar and flannel shirt by now, the band around singer and composer PASCAL VICARI simply goes the opposite way: on their previous works they scored with acoustic sounds, guitars and trumpets as well as delicately played drums, nevertheless they already performed with clearly louder bands like the DONOTS or KMPFSPRT.
For the ten songs on "Sleep Well Soon" the quartet named after a Walt Whitman poem now unpacks the electric guitars and presents itself nonchalantly in melodic indie punk garb, not far away from acts like DUCKING PUNCHES.
What remains are the usual anthemic melodies, and a piano may also contribute to the sound picture. Wonderful Indie-Emo-Folk-Punk of an experienced band, which could inspire new fans again with this album.

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