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SHOCKGNOSIS • Be Chaos Be God • LP

SHOCKGNOSIS • Be Chaos Be God • LP

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Dedication Records

"SHOCKGNOSIS hails from the Ruhr area and has already released their third album titled "Be Chaos-Be God."

The result is a very successful mix of heavy guitars in the style of Slipknot, maintaining a consistently high tempo. According to research, it seems the drums were entirely created using a computer. Perhaps the band has since been able to find a drummer, as the 11 songs (including a Renewal cover by Kreator) drive forward and likely aim to be presented live soon.

The promotional material states that the band is suitable for fans of Fear Factory, Pantera, and the aforementioned Slipknot. The consistently deep growls from the singer appeal to me, and the occasional sample complements the sound nicely.

Hard-hitting guitar with a solid groove, all the while never losing sight of melody—what more could a metal heart want?"

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