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AUDIO KARATE • Otra! (Blue And Yellow Split) • LP

AUDIO KARATE • Otra! (Blue And Yellow Split) • LP

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Iodine Records

Audio Karate went on a long Hiatus in 2006 and returned in 2018 to record their third album, "Malo," for Wiretap Records and support their idols, Descendents, on a US tour. Shortly after their return, the band began working with Iodine Recordings for anther release. Featuring guest vocals by Agent M/Emily Whitehurst of Tsunami Bomb and new,  original artwork by Chris Shary (Descendents/Teenage Bottlerocket), "Otra!" contains some of Audio Karate's best songs that have never been released on vinyl. This is the blue and yellow split vinyl version, limited to 100 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Lovely Residence
2. Segway
3. Care Carelessly
4. Black Covering
5. End Won't Justify The Means
6. She Looks Good
7. Do You Miss Meaning Everything To Me
8. Betrayed

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