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SMOKE OR FIRE • Beauty Fades (Gold And Blue Swirl) • LP

SMOKE OR FIRE • Beauty Fades (Gold And Blue Swirl) • LP

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Iodine Records

"Beauty Fades" is a collection of out of print and unreleased tracks from Smoke Or Fire. Side A includes their debut Iodine EP, "Worker's Union," which was completely remixed and remastered at New Alliance Studios in Boston, MA. Side B includes seven rare or unreleased tracks that span the history of the band, including the EP "Rises In The East," which was never released, but included a number of songs that were in the band's live set throughout their tenure.

Track Listing:

1. Sunday Pints
2. Beauty Fades
3. 50 Cent Hearts
4. Second Wind
5. Running In Circles
6. They All Go To California
7. Modesty
8. Nowhere To Go But Up
9. Hand Me Downs
10. Written To Be Read
11. Live On
12. Someone Said We Flew
13. Oxygen

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