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WALTER ETC • When The Band Breaks Up Again (Clear Teal Vinyl) • LP

WALTER ETC • When The Band Breaks Up Again (Clear Teal Vinyl) • LP

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SideOne Dummy

Walter Etc. from Ventura, CA was formed in 2009 by childhood friends Dustin Hayes, Kris Schobert and Jake Lee, although the band was initially called Walter Mitty And His Makeshift Orchestra. Named after the fictional character of James Thurber - made famous by Ben Stiller in the 2013 film "The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty" - Hayes has always channeled his thoughts and emotions through this character rather than writing directly about himself.

"I really identified with the character of Walter Mitty," says Hayes. "He's known for daydreaming too much and getting lost in his thoughts, which is the Walter in my songs."

The band released a series of EPs and albums before taking a break of sorts in 2015. But the creative itch wouldn't leave Hayes alone, and in 2016 he reformed the band as "Walter Etc.", with the idea that members can come and go as they please, as life and schedules allow. in 2023, however, Walter Etc. are back with "When The Band Breaks Up Again", a new album made by the three original members and with a very telling title.

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