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TWELVE HOUR TURN • The Victory Of Flight • LP

TWELVE HOUR TURN • The Victory Of Flight • LP

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No Idea Records

Twelve Hour Turn were a four-piece post-hardcore/emo band from Gainesville/Jacksonville, Florida that were around from 1996 to 2002.

They played a melodic and technically intricate brand of emo with screamed vocals (if only there were a word for that…). Their off-kilter rhythms and shouted vocals will definitely appeal to fans of Unwound, Drive Like Jehu, and even Hot Water Music. However, the best comparison is to split-mates I Hate Myself, another Florida band who perfected melodrama. They were signed to No Idea Records, and put out quite a decent chunk of music in their time (relative to others like them).

Twelve Hour Turn are a fantastic band, simply put, and definitely recommended.

2016 pressing: 250 Opaque Sky Blue.

Track Listing:
1. New Snake
2. How To Build
3. Second Story
4. I Get Lively...
5. Ghost Kitty
6. New Rock
7. For Want of a Real Whole
8. A Mouth of Suitable Size
9. ...To Bury the Ugly
10. Little One
11. This Papermill is Getting to Me

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