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WORRIERS • Survival Pop (Coloured Vinyl • Reissue) • LP

WORRIERS • Survival Pop (Coloured Vinyl • Reissue) • LP

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6131 Records

Originally released in 2017 and now out-of-print, 6131 Records is incredibly excited to make this fantastic album by Worriers available again.
This newly expanded version contains two additional songs (one previously unreleased in any form and another featuring a new mix / master) and a reworked tracklist. Worriers have been one of the hardest working bands over the past few years, having taken their brand of punk-meets-indie balladeering across the globe touring alongside the likes of  Against Me!, Julien Baker, The Hold Steady, John K Samson & The Winter Wheat, The Wonder Years, Camp Cope, and many more.
A glance at that list exposes just how diverse of a sound Worriers delivers and how pinning down a genre classification isn't the easiest task when it comes to their music.

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