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YOU COULD BE A COP • s/t • 12"EP

YOU COULD BE A COP • s/t • 12"EP

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You Could be a Cop started out with two brothers rocking out in their parents basement in the suburbs of the third largest city in Norway, Trondheim. Morten had years behind him in different indie, punkrock and emobands as a drummer and producer, while brother Marius just had learned to play bass through the guitar game Rocksmith on Playstation. Morten then tried to take som online guitar lessons on YouTube, but failed miserably as he just had gotten a kid back home. In between baby crying and sleepless nights he still managed to write some songs on the guitar without even knowing one single chord. After some weekends in the basement they had four songs on tape, but no vocals. Luckily Morten had crossed paths with the UK singer songwriter Natalie Evans before. She put up a microphone in her bedroom in London and not soon after, they could call themselves a band with four songs on their hands. After some chatting around as many as ten labels all over the world agreed to join in on a release.
And here it is!
Four songs rooted in 90s emo - genuine, raw and heartfelt. What you hear is what you get - with limited resources from the start until the end, the band has proved that it is still possible to «do it yourself».

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